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Actually the J1 was made by Sunset. I have one of the 35 that were made.
I worked with Mort Mann on it.


Kurt S. Kramke MMR

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It is my pleasure!

I would like to see this article! I will be waiting for it!

The front view of J1 606 is printed in the "Memories of N&W Power"by
Paul Carleton and the 3/4 view of 605 is presented in Jeffries' N&W
Giant of Steam and again in Ron Rosemberg's N&W Steam (The Last 25
Years), wich includes a diagram of the J1.

To my knowledge J1 HO model was made by Overland, but I never had one in

my hands. Its a good choice for a Broadway Limited future relese!

bst rgds,

Luiz Affonso
lasarai at attglobal.net

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> Many thanks Luiz! It is appreciated.
> Regarding other photos of the unstreamlined Class J, or J1. In service

> shots are rare to say the least, much less a right hand side view. To
> my knowledge of the company photographic files, which is fairly
> extensive, there were three views shot by the company photographer,
> builder portraits; the two in the book, one left hand side view, a 3/4

> view at East End Shops, and a front end view (not published in the
> book) negative numbers 30898, 30899, 30900, all 8x10 negatives, made
> January 25, 1944. The other view (No. 502506, a 4x5 negative) on
> September 17, 1944 of the double header with the K2 in the book was
> unknown. I found the negative while going through the files probably
> about 1977, prior to my finding it, the negative had never been
> It was probably an accident to have even been shot. In my interviews
> with the company photographers, none could remember specific
> instructions about not shooting the locomotives, but there was
> commentary that since they did not appear like the Class Js, and the
> photographers were shooting basically for advertising purposes, it is
> a good chance they did not snap the shutter when one came into sight,
> but waited until the arrival of another train with a streamlined
> locomotive. With as many passenger trains running as there were then,

> another train would not be long in arriving, and the chances of a
> streamliner were pretty good.
> There is an article in the N&W company magazine August 1944, pages
> 374-375, entitled "An afternoon at Portsmouth (Ohio) Passenger
> Station" a couple of other photos by George Perkinson, snapshots with
> a view of a the 608 and possibly the 606, at Portsmouth. It is
> diffiicult to make out whether it is a 6 or 8 in the halftone. These
> photos are clearly snapshot-type photos, made by the local
> correspondent. It is quite possible that prints were just provided to
> the magazine department and discarded after article was published and
> the negatives were never actually made a part of the company files, or

> were purged when the files were cleaned out in the 1960s or so. And
> yes, that did happen.
> If anyone wants, I'll be glad to scan and provide these pages to Ron
> for posting on the web.
> I do know of a couple of reels of 16mm company film that are out takes

> from the 1944 film "Modern Coal Burning Steam Locomotives" that
> include films of a couple of J1's in service. If you have seen the
> film, you know there is not a sign of a J1 in the finished film, even
> though they were running around all over at this time. I am working on

> the film to bring it to market in the future. They are only glimpses
> of the J1s, one on a train, one at Shaffers Crossing but how many have

> you seen in live and in color?
> Best
> Ken Miller
> On Aug 8, 2005, at 6:18 PM, nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:
>> Dear Kenneth Miller,
>> You wrote a GREAT book! I recomend it to any N&W fan!
>> Please excuse me for disturbe you, but your book presents one of the
>> few pictures of the un-streamlined pictures in actual service. Are
>> there any other pictures? Are them available, or printes in any othe
>> book?
>> tks,
>> Luiz Affonso Saraiva
>> a N&W fan from Brazil

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