Cabin cars/caboose Marker Lamps

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Fri Jul 22 22:40:11 EDT 2005

Thanks for all the input to my questions about the marker lamps. I've
definitely learned a lot. That's one of the many reasons I enjoy belonging
to the NWHS and being on the List. From the responses posted I've come up
with a few more questions-if you all will permit it.

First, does any one out there have HO Armspear marker lamps on their HO
models? If so how'd did you get them? Is it possible to "kit bash" some?

Secondly, as one responder pointed out, (sorry I don't recall your name) as
marker lamps are only used on a train and not while the caboose/cabin car
is in the yard how can one use the same HO model in both roles? I.E. Can
the marker lamps be easily removed? (This may be technically impossible or
too much of a hassle.)

By the way, I'm modelling the decade of the 1950's. Any and all inputs are
appreciated. Thanks again for all the info.

Dave Moorehead
Milford, OH

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