Has anyone ever produced an HO-scale Z1b?

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Mon Jun 27 22:49:27 EDT 2005

The PSC Z1b was a good model, but had some flaws also. The number plate was the wrong color, silver instead of brass , the smoke stack was wrong, tall not the short wider version, the footboards were braced on the outside, not on the inside by the couplers. Then there were minor problems with the tender. They usually go
for $1295.00 more than that the seller is over priced.

Stephen Rineair

PSC produced a very nice model of both Z1 and Z1b, with diferent tenders
and details. It was an expensive model but a great one. It is a rare and
very wanted model, but maybe You can find it in some brass store.

Bachmann Spectrum has a USRA 2-6-6-2 (C&O H-5) with can serve the
starting point for the Z1b conversion


Luiz Saraiva
Sao Paulo, Brazil


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