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Fri Jun 17 09:09:17 EDT 2005

   Whan did NW changed lettering stile (form steam
lettering to »half moon« sign) and whan did blue paint
came to play ? 

"steam lettering was on the way out in 1958 with the
steam engines although some early diesels also had the
same lettering, but this too, was replaced with an
intermediate script herald (sign) from 1958-1964.

   Where the black painted engines with »half moon« NW
sign befor the blue paint or after  - Whan ? 

The black engines with the script heralds began to be
replaced by the blue engines in late 1963 when the N&W
bought the NKP, leased the Wabash.  Black half moon
came after that.
A few minor corrections:

1) The half moon herald was adopted in late 1963 (not

2) The blue paint was not adopted until 1966. For
example, all SD35 orders (they were delivered through
late 1965) were delivered in black paint with the half
moon herald.


Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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