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The Virginian ex-Y3's had 16,000 gallon tenders (shorter than your 18) 
They were bought from the AT&SF which had bought them from N&W. 
Virginian did not use doghouses, but AT&SF had already removed them 
anyway. Vgn. numbers were 736-742, and the class was USE.  Jim Nichols

nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> I have an undecorated Y3 with the 18,000 gallon tender. I want to 
> letter it for VGN.
> Did the VGN have any of these locomotives with this configuration?
> What was the class and cab numbers?
> Did they have doghouses on the tender?
> Did they recieve any from the N&W with this configuration?
> Thanks
> Jon Kelley
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