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I am also a European N&W modeler, but in Germany.  I
suggest you get some of the books offered by the
Norfolk & Western/Virginian Historical Society and join
that organization.  They have an international
membership category.  In appalachia generally,
furniture, wood products, agricultural products and
mining equipment would be hauled.  Also, N&W
particularly sought to increase express freight traffic
from port in Norfolk to its midwest connections in
Ohio, as well as the North-South connections from
Bristol, Virginia (right on the Tennessee border) to
Hagerstown, Maryland.  Rev. Jim Nichols has
written/edited some excellent color books about the N&W
particularly.  The contacts on this list are also
extremely helpful.
Good luck!

Cal Harris
N&W in Swabia (Stuttgart, Germany)


My name is Matej (Mathew) Deu and I am from Ljubljana –
capitol of Slovenia in Europe. (It's an ex Yugoslavian

I am new to this nwhs list and I have questions abouth
NW/VGN in general since I have decided to build
freelanced layout based on
NW/VGN 1958-1964.

My questions are abouth the subjects that I couldn't
find in
literature I have aquired during the period of 3 years
since I have started
with learning abouth Appalachian RR.

 I am interested in what kind of
     freight trafic beside coal was running throug
Appalachia with NW and VGN ?
 Motive Power Rooster on NW and
     VGN in period 1958-1964 ?
 Whan did NW changed lettering
     stile (form steam lettering to »half moon« sign)
and whan did
     blue paint came to play ?
 Where the black painted engines
     with »half moon« NW sign befor the blue paint or
after  -
     Whan ?
 Whan did NW repainted - if at
     all – VGN motive power after merger.
 Until whan they were using GE
     33 and where ?
 Lineside industry beside coal
     mines ?

This are only a few general questions I Have since I
would like
to be as accurate as posible with creating the Motive
Power and freight cars
rooster for my layout, as i would like to create vision
of  Appalachia and
RR operation in this areia.

I hope this is the right chat list to get some of this
informations or to point me to the right person/s or
literature to answer my

I am doe the only one in our country o model Appalachian
railroading based on NW and VGN. Most of other guys are
on Santa Fe or C&BQ



Matej Deu

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