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Fellas, at this point no Fall NWHS Modelers Mini-Con is on the calendar, but
Jim Gillum and I spoke yesterday about hosting the fourth annual such event
in Richmond in November. The first three have been well-received, and as has
been pointed out, actually have attracted more models than the Conventions.

Give us a little time to work out some scheduling details and we'll post
something. In the meantime, how about subject matter; what would you like to
see in the way of clinics? Any changes in format?

Best regards, 
Bill McClure

I haven't been able to make many of the June conventions but have made all 3
mini meets and they've all been GREAT ! ! !
The clinics have all been informative and the format is fine. Alternating
between Richmond and North Virginia is a nice touch.

Ron Herfurth
Charlottesville, VA

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