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 The bachman spectrum model is of the steam era tank.the bachman NOT spectrum from many years ago is a model of the excursion tank. John Rhodes--- On Thu 05/12, < nw-modeling-list at > wrote:From: [mailto: nw-modeling-list at]To: nw-modeling-list at nwhs.orgDate: Thu, 12 May 2005 16:35:56 -0400Subject: Re: BLI A-tanknw-modeling-list at wrote:>How does everyone feel about the BLI aux tanks, vs the Bachmann Spectrum>version? It will be hard to justify spending more than double for the BLI>version when the Spectrum version is so good to begin with, and the>Spectrum versions can be had for around $20 on ebay. (snip)I thought the Bachmann tanks were models of the excursion tank built from the L&N tender. If true, an accurate steam-era model justifies the price.Take careBill Wadehttp://www.btsrr.com________________________________________NW-Modeling-List@nwhs.orgTo change your subscription go 

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