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The A tanks that were used in the modern excursion era were constructed 
from ex L&N M-1 tanks, they had been bought out of weed sprayer service 
on CSX, sold in July 1979. The one used behind 611 initially, was off 
of the 1968 (as best as I can tell from the very faded and painted over 
paint). Between Monday and Wednesday night after the 611 test run, the 
tank was quickly cleaned up and painted with the stripe and lettered.

It began to show the effects of neglect and quick repairs coming up the 
road out of Salisbury, NC. Water was spewing from a broken seam for 
about 5 feet off the side. Some bubble gum patching was done at 
Danville, but it took some work at Roanoke Shops the next week before 
going back in service.

Another L&N tank number unknown) was converted for the 1218 in 1986, it 
was painted in the standard scheme, that is the one at VMT today. The 
611 A tank was completely rebuilt in 1991 with all new sides and a 
smooth surface without rivets. It was then painted to the solid 
passenger car-like scheme which it ran the rest of the program as. It 
was sold at the auction of all steam shop materials in February of 1995 
and was sold to the 261 group, where I think it is behind the 261 

Ken Miller
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>  My appologies for any confusion in my initial post regarding an 
> auxillary tender for the 611 Excursion Verson.  Now that BLI has 
> released a N&W Auxillary Tender to go with their N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 
> locomotive, I e-mailed them last week to ask if if were possible to 
> release a properly painted and lettered A-tank to go with the 611 
> Excursion Verson.  Such an A-tank would have the Tuscan Red Band with 
> Deluxe Gold edging and lettering that the 611 pulled behind its own 
> tender during excursion trips in the 1980s and early 1990s.  
> Hopefully, if BLI receives more inquiries regarding such an "Excursion 
> A-tank" it will become a reality.
>  As a side-note, I was once told that the A-tank the 611 pulled was 
> made from two former tenders from the Louisville and Nashville 
> Railroad.  Can anybody confirm this and, if so, where is that 
> water-only tender now.  I don't believe it's at the Museum in Roanoke.
>  Bill King
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> The new a-tanks were on the BLI web site last evening. Cal Reynolds.
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