H-21a 4 Bay Hopper cars

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John Teichmoeller also wrote what appears to be a definitive article in the  
March/April 1994 issue of the Arrow which has a complete listing (page 11) of  
the number blocks in which the leased hoppers were found.  The Bowser  
numbers fall within one of these blocks.  At that time (and perhaps even  now?) the 
specific car numbers were unknown.
Dave Phelps
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Hello  All,

The Norfolk and Western did paint all of its own hoppers  black.  The catch
is that the H21a's were only leased from the PRR,  and only for
approximately one year, circa 11/1951 to  10/1952.

Please see the great article by John Teichmoeller on this very  subject in
the May/June 2003 issue of "The Arrow", pages 17 and  18.

The question I have about the Bowser H-21a hoppers is the road  numbers that
they have on their models.  John's article has a picture  of an H-21a and
the rosd number is 901815.  The Bowser hoppers have  road numbers in the
130000 series.  I've seen 135573, 135577, 135755,  137322, 137555, and
137573.  There may be more road numbers out  there.  What would the correct
road numbers be?

All the  Best!

Joe Bernard, AKA Norfolk Bear.

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>Tony; you are correct, none.

Nigel F Misso
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I notice that Bowser has several Norfolk &  Western H-21a 4 Bay Hopper cars
in the red color sceme. Did the N&W  really have them in that color? I
always thought they were all  black.
Tony Burgess
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