Branchline Trains 12-1 sleeper paint

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Wed Apr 13 18:06:00 EDT 2005

Re: "Either they didn't ask, or they didn't listen to the answer. Another 
part of the problem is that the car is lettered with the 1955-1962 Dulux 
yellow and black roof, although there is reason to doubt that any 12-1 cars 
were so lettered. They committed the same error with the heavyweight coach.
At least IHC used the right color of lettering."

I wouldn't get too upset about the lettering and roof color.  Pullman 
routes with heavyweights existed on N&W until about 1958, so unless anyone 
has color pics to show otherwise, the lettering could have been dulux 
yellow.  Of course, we can never be sure if these routes were covered by 
the N&W owned cars until the end.  The only time I saw an N&W heavyweight 
in operation, the car was being deadheaded west in B&O train #17 around 
1960, and I don't remember the lettering looking like gold leaf.

The Branchline car I am waiting for is the 10-1-1, Island Rose and Island 
Regal.  No one has modelled this one before now.

Rick Morrison

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