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On 4/10/2005, John Rhodes asked:

>  Kert,What size speakers did you use and how did you do it?


I used two 1" round speakers.  One speaker is mounted under the coal load, 
firing up though holes drilled in the coal load (No. 75 drill), with the 
second speaker mounted in the bottom of the tender, firing down through 
holes drilled in the floor of the tender (carefully missing key 
components).  I wired the speakers in parallel as shown in the SoundTraxx 
tech note on the wiring multiple speakers, which is found on the SoundTraxx 

I solder a small plug into the power connections from the DSX so that I can 
program it separately and not have any conflicts with the TCS decoder that 
I use for motor control.

When I wire my next one, I will probably use small oval speakers instead of 
round ones.  Either will fit.  Using two speakers makes the fit really 
tight inside the tender, and I am not sure there would be enough space 
inside the shorter tender.  Thankfully, the TCS T-2 decoder I use for motor 
control is really small. (If you use the T-2, get the T-2P which comes with 
the short harness for the P2K locomotives.)  There are other small decoders 
you can use for motor control, I just happen to really like the TCS decoders.

Hope this helps.

Kert Peterson
Fircrest, WA

Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951, when Precision Transportation 
was still steam powered!  
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