Branchline Trains 12-1 sleeper paint

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We'll see. Here's what I sent...

I recently ordered one of your N&W 12-1 sleeper cars, after seeing it 
advertised on the net. The pictures I saw were taken from your 
illustration on the box label, and show what I would call "N&W tomato soup 
red" passenger color (which is close to correct for 40's and 50's cars). 
However, when I opened the box, my passenger car is a brownish tuscan red 
(much closer to brown than anything else) I was very dissapointed, as I 
thought someone finally got it right, based on your box label artwork. 

I am curious if there were some cars painted the wrong color, or if not, 
how did you get it right on the box, but wrong on the car? N&W passenger 
cars were pretty close to PRR red, not brown. Here is a link to a page 
with several heavyweight N&W passenger car for reference. 

And here is a picture from your website for the 12-1 sleeper in N&W paint. 
Mine looks nothing like this....


Mike Rector

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Hi Mike;

So what did Branchline say when you e-mailed them?

Nigel F Misso
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>I ordered on of the Branchline Trains 12-1 sleepers, after seeing ad 
>pictures of it on the net, painted in the, what I call "tomato soup" red
>N&W Tuscan Red passenger paint.  I was very happy to see someone doing N&W 
>passenger cars that were not in the IHC "brown" color.  But I was dismayed 
>when the car arrived painted in that same brownish-tuscan color IHC used
>it's passenger cars.  What a shame.  And how in the world did they use the 
>right colors for the label on the box, and for their online paint scheme 
>photo, but not on the actual model?
> Mike Rector
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