Branchline Trains 12-1 sleeper paint

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Tue Apr 12 12:24:09 EDT 2005

This is disappointing to hear, especially because Branchline has done such 
a good job with other paint schemes I have seen.  Do you think they used 
the same color of Tuscan used on the Pennsy cars they have issued?  I don't 
think it would hurt to contact them about this.  They seem to want to do 
things right.

Rick Morrison

>I ordered on of the Branchline Trains 12-1 sleepers, after seeing ad 
>pictures of it on the net, painted in the, what I call "tomato soup" red 
>of N&W Tuscan Red passenger paint.  I was very happy to see someone doing 
>N&W passenger cars that were not in the IHC "brown" color.  But I was 
>dismayed when the car arrived painted in that same brownish-tuscan color 
>IHC used on it's passenger cars.  What a shame.  And how in the world did 
>they use the right colors for the label on the box, and for their online 
>paint scheme photo, but not on the actual model?
>Mike Rector

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