Branchline Trains 12-1 sleeper paint

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Mon Apr 11 18:00:39 EDT 2005

I ordered on of the Branchline Trains 12-1 sleepers, after seeing ad 
pictures of it on the net, painted in the, what I call "tomato soup" red of 
N&W Tuscan Red passenger paint.  I was very happy to see someone doing N&W 
passenger cars that were not in the IHC "brown" color.  But I was dismayed 
when the car arrived painted in that same brownish-tuscan color IHC used on 
it's passenger cars.  What a shame.  And how in the world did they use the 
right colors for the label on the box, and for their online paint scheme 
photo, but not on the actual model?

Mike Rector

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