Virginian Class HC-1 decals

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Sounds like you simply got a bad set of decals.

>From time to time it happens in the printing process. When things go wrong in 
printing, particularly in automated systems, they have to run a few sheets of 
decals before the problem clears up. It is the printers responsibility to 
pull these bad sheets out, but some still get packaged. I make an effort to 
visually inspect each set as it gets packaged.

Once in a while you will get a sheet that doesn't have the clear backing and 
these will desintergrate when soaked in solutions such as Microset or 
Microsol. I know this from personal experience. About ten years ago I got this flaming 
letter from a modeler telling me how sorry my decals were, how he had sent 
letters to Model Railroader, and the other magazines telling them how sorry my 
decals were. If he had just contacted me first, I would have known what the 
problem was immediately and made it right. I did make it right. I also suggest to 
him that in the future he talk to the manufacturer first before burning them 
at the stake.


Richard D. Shell
ShellScale Decals
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