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You need a high short hood and some changes in the exhaust stacks. 
Besides this however, there are bulges on both sides behind the cab 
which need to be narrowed, and there are too many fans on the roof. 
Also, the air tanks are appropriate only for the N&W 500 series 
passenger units. You really would be better off shopping for a spare 
shell. On the other hand, if you can stretch to 1960, N&W tested a 4 
unit set of GM painted and lettered GP20's.    Jim Nichols

> What would it take to make a GP20 into a GP7/GP9? I have a GP20 that 
> runs great, lettered for Burlington.. would not fit in age-wise to a 
> mid-50's N&W-themed layout.....
> Bob Welsh
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>     On 3/29/2005, Bill Smith wrote:
>>     I would like to have an HO model of the initial - 1955 version
>>     before
>>     renumbering - diesels custom painted - both an RS-3 and the GP-9...
>     Bill,
>     The original run of P2K GP-9 diesels were painted in the
>     as-delivered paint scheme.  Life-Like offered locomotive numbers
>     710 and 713 in that run.  Doesn't take much work to make them into
>     very good models of N&W GP-9 locomotives. 
>     On the other hand, no one makes a credible RS-3 for the N&W.  The
>     reason is the dynamic brakes that they came equipped with.  If you
>     get some decent measurements and photos of the RS-3 at the museum
>     in Roanoke, you can probably scratchbuild your hood with the
>     dynamic brakes.  However, the first thing you will have to do is
>     find a good RS-3 locomotive to start with.  Maybe Athearn's
>     re-tooled MDC RS-3 will answer that problem, but you will still
>     need to scratchbuild the dynamic brakes.
>     Cheers,
>     Kert Peterson
>     Fircrest, WA
>     Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951, when Precision
>     Transportation was still steam powered!
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