Durham District in the '50s?

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I would like to have an HO model of the initial - 1955 version before 
renumbering - diesels custom painted - both an RS-3 and the GP-9.  I don't 
know where to find the appropriate decals for the early lettering.  What 
font would they be and does anyone have a still available source for the 
decals?  Would there be any steam version decals that would be appropriate?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Bill Smith

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The first GP9s were numbered 10-13, all shown by the equipment record
book as delivered on October 5, 1955. They were reneumbered 710-713
between April 6-13, 1956 at Lynchburg. The RS-3s were numbered 99-96,
and a second batch delivered in February 1956 were numbered 95-92, they
were renumbered 300-307 in 1956.

To the best of my knowledge, there was never an N&W GP9 numbered
700-703, the series 700-709 was left empty in the diesel era.

Ken Miller

<Thank you Gordon for setting the record straight on the RS-3s.  I knew
that from William Warden's book, Norfolk & Western: Diesel's Last
Conquest.  I just made a mistake with the date.


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Just to set the record straight, the diesels were introduced to the
Durham Line in late 1955 instead of late 1956.  Four EMD GP-9s (No. 700
- 703) were delivered Sept. 1955, and four Alco RS-3s (No. 300 - 303)
were delivered Sept. and Oct. 1955.  It is my understanding that these
eight units were used to dieselize the Durham Line.

  The additional four RS-3s (No. 304 - 307) were delivered in Jan. and
Feb. 1956, after which the N & W switched its Alco purchases to RS-11s.

  Gordon Hamilton>
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