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The last wood passenger car (except for 2 business cars) was burned at 
Roanoke in 1934. To enable this purge, N&W bought a number of cars from PRR in 1934, 
obviously for branchline service. Wood cars probably disappeared from 
mainline trains sometime in the 1920's. What models to use? Good question. 
Unfortunately, the best models which resembled N&W cars were made by Northeastern 
(Ambroid or LaBelle) and are no longer in production. MDC (Roundhouse) did a couple 
of series of wood cars in styrene which are still available, but only a few of 
them are resonably close to the N&W cars. Of course, you could kit-bash or 
scratchbuild.  Jim Nichols
LaBelle, Red Ball, and Ambroid wood passenger car kits show up on eBay fairly 

Greg Harrod
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