HO scale Pg model, was Class K 2 and Passenger Trains

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Sun Mar 27 08:04:23 EST 2005

> Hi,
> I have a Bachmann Spectrum Heavy Mountain and a LifeLike Y3 Tender and I
> want to model a N&W Class K2. There is a very helpful article in one issue
> of The Arrow and meanwhile I've got all detail parts which have been
> mentioned there. I now have some questions:
> The tender is slightly wider than the loco (2 - 3 Millimeters) - is one of
> these models (or both) out of scale?
> As far as I know have all K2'been streamlined. When did this streamlining
> start and when was it finished? Is there an article about the prototype in a
> certain issue of The Arrow? I've found only few pictures the internet -
> maily Va. Tech Library!
> I'm quite sure, that a proper passenger train for this loco will have the
> appearance of the 1940's which means brown roofs and green boogies. which
> are "propper" or at least near colors for this purpose? (probably I start a
> new color debate - sorry!).
> I've got some Branchline Trains Coaches, which are very nice but are not
> particulary the PG type! To get a good compromise I made the toilet windows
> smaller, did some work on the celestories and changed the windows in the
> doors. I've read, that most if not all PG's were air conditioned, but
> recently realised in one of the Pocahontas Glory videos a PG (?) behind a
> Class M on the Abingdon Branch with some windows opened and a row of vents
> on the celestory! This means not airconditioned!? Can anybody help?
> Where can I find informations about the underbody of the PG coaches?
> I know this is a lot of questions but informations about the N&W are
> difficult to obtain in Germany. Thank you very much in advance for your
> help!
> Michael Fuchs

Sunset is doing a streamlined K2a in both H0 and 0


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