"Stuck in the 1930s"

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Last wooden passenger cars (for passenger service) were removed from 
service in 1933. Some remained on the property until 1934 in addition 
to some in MofW service. The cars were generally destroyed by burning 
rather than dismantling, and I show one photo of them dismantling one 
of the last of the wooden cars on April 3, 1934, I also have a photo of 
them burning one which was labeled as "the last wooden passenger car 
being destroyed" about the same time.

Ken Miller

On Mar 26, 2005, at 1:34 PM, nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> I notice Mark Lindsey's interesting tag line, "Stuck in the 1930s."
> Good for you, Mark !  I'm glad you aren't ashamed to admit it.
> Have you ever thought about what came before the 1930s?  Specifically, 
> when do you think the N&W stopped running wooden passenger equipment?  
> And if a guy wanted to have some wooden N&W cars on his HO pike, what 
> products would he start with?
> -- abram burnett
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