Betwixt Glade Spring and Chilhowie

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Sun Mar 20 21:08:32 EST 2005

Hi Y'all:
Was going to inaugurate the laying of the first chunk of mainline roadbed on
my slowly-building layout with a stretch between Glade Spring and Chilhowie.
Now, I've driven the main two-lane road east from GS, which parallels the
track a short ways, then the main disappears behind the hills, not to be
seen again until the road comes to downtown Chilhowie. Was wondering was
there anything particularly modelable between the highway underpass at east
end of Glade and the curve where the main enters the town proper, near the
old depot site?
Pls. advise. VPI's database was of little help. I gather there are few good
roads other than the main road between the two points.
Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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