Drawings used for Global Outlet's VGN EL-2B

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Hilary I once owned a three unit set. Sold it to Bob Riffe as it didn't fit 
the layout, ran fine on the club layout. On comparison to the photos and 
drawings available at that time, five years ago, Ajin had made a good 
model. You just might fine one of those models at a price less than the new 
introduction.Good luck. Cal Reynolds

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>Hilary, I can't speak to "out there", but I do know that the Archives 
>contain many, many drawings for the EL-2Bs, of all sizes. I have never run 
>a database search to see how many, but I have filed enough to know that 
>there are very many. Whether the set is complete is an open question.  And 
>I don't know if Global obtained their set from us. The model was run in 
>brass many years ago, so someone had something in the way of drawings 
>before the Archives colllections came  to us.
>Bill McClure

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