N&W C-630 Slug Mother 1131

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Sun Feb 20 21:01:05 EST 2005

Hi!  I am making an HO scale model of C-630 #1131 in the  N&W's final paint 
scheme, around 1982.  However, I am lacking  pictures of the locomotive.  I 
especially need roof shots that show the  modified air intake, because I know 
they plated over the top grilles on it but I  don't know what they did to the top 
of it.  I also need shots of the long  hood to see if it had an NW logo on 
the end.  The pictures that I have show  that there is no logo on the short 
hood, and that made me suspicious of the long  hood.  
I would be happy to pay for any cost of postage and/or copying fees for  
anyone to send me the pictures.  If someone could scan them and e-mail them  to 
me, that would be even better.
Rudy Garbely
_oldrivets at aol.com_ (mailto:oldrivets at aol.com)  
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