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Hi Leslie;

I am planning on a Y5 by similar means, making sure to start with one of the 
P2K models that represent a Y3 rebuilt with a Y5 low pressure engine.  The 
Y5 had inside bearing pilot and trailing trucks with spoked wheels, like the 
Y3 model........

To answer your question, close enough if you get the correct low pressure 

nfmisso at mchsi.com

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> Is the running gear from a LL Y3 comparable to a Y6?
> I was thinking of modifying a Riv Y6B shell back to a Y6
> and mounting it on a LL Y3 chassis...I know the pony and trailing
> trucks would need to be changed to the roller bearing type...I'm
> not sure about the running gear, wheels, valve gear etc...I think
> it would make a great Y6!
> Thanks
> Leslie
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