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For the retro fit kit (BLI A  to last 5 type) idea there where 3 other 
interested people other than  me:
Nigel Misso
Rick Morrison
Mike Rector
I am sure alot of  other people would come out of the woodwork if this kit 
got produced.  What would be the next step in trying to get this made? What 
could the  club do? Anybody like to make any comments? I don't have freinds /  
contacts at any of these companies, I a sure someone out there  does?

Thanks for any help, comments, or suggestions.
John  Rhodes

Add me!
For 2-3 kits!
Ray Russell
"Norfolk & Western Railroad"   "Pocahontas Division"  "Circa 1958"
Visit The "NEW" Pocahontas  Website at: 
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