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Unfortunately, I have no close ups of the A's turret area, the quest continues.     My comment is based on the numerous side elevation shots starting with D.Carltons "Memories of N&W power"  pages 77 & 78.    Of course this makes it difficult to be precise about the dimensions of the equipment, so my conversion of the model was based on the long range shots and closer ups of various Y's.
I figured it would be more accurate for my 1956 timewarp than the BLI encasement. 

I used brass castings from Bowser & Precision Scale and would welcome/sign up to a kit converting the BLI to the last 5 A's

John Pearson 
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    I believe that all As in N&W service ran without turret covers.
    BLI have chosen in their present release, to model the 1218 in its reborn
    excursion style.
    On my BLI A I've chopped off the cover and added the pipework/valves, BLI
    ought to have a go if their doing non 1218 models.
    Otherwise a retrofit kit by Bowser ? would need the parts + all those listed
    Then all you need is courage, razor saws, files and filler...............

    N&W in Cheshire 1956
    John Pearson


  I have never seen any good detail pictures of that area.  Got any?

  Tom Black


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