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Wow. 4 A"s and 23 Y's? You must have quite an impressive layout! I am not
sure I could justify more than 2 A's on my layout or more than half a dozen
Y's, and my layout's mainline runs an area about 14 X 18 feet double-looped
and covers roughly 18 X 20 or so in my basement. I've love to see your

Bob Welsh

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> Dave here are some tips to help things out!!
> First insulate the rear drawbar with electrical tape or such on top of the
> drawbar. The trailing truck axles will rub against the drawbar and cause a
> quick short when running. The slight uneveness of your track and curves
> bring this out.
> Second is your locomotive set up to the correct speed steps to what your
> system is set for!??
> Thirdly, use some Wahl clipper oil to clean up the Drivers and contact
> wheels. Use a drop on each rail and hold the loco and spin the wheels a
> Lastly you may of lost good pickup in the locomotive, I have wired a
> Bachmann Aux tender in parallel with the regular tender to make good
> contact. Make sure you use a meter to make sure things are in parallel. I
> have found that all of my Life Like y3's need this treatment after running
> hard on the layout.
> With these fixes I have My 4 Class A's running (a bit wild) and 23 y3's
> quite nicely.
> ANy questions or observations e mail me at nwpoca at hotmail.com
> .
> Mike Ritschdorff and crew
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> >I don't want to change the suject but it is interesting that the BLI
> >running troubles were mentioned in the discussion about the whistle on
> >Y.  I'm curious as to how many modelers have had or are having problems
> >with the A.  I recently purchased one after saving my railroad's "capital
> >dollars" for investments and improvements.  It's the most expensive loco
> >my fleet.  With all the accolades about the unit and having seen a few
> >at train shows I was anticipating a good running and sounding loco.
> >operating it for a few hours (total time)it now "jerks" when running
> >forward on straight and curved track.  It worked fine right out of the
> >  This is especially noticable when moving at slow speeds but is still
> >present at all speeds.  I checked for binding but did not notice any
> >obvious.  I went through the process of resetting the factory default
> >values with no help.  I also made sure that track and wheels of the loco
> >were clean.  By the way I'm operating on
> >  a Lenz DCC system.  I did send BLI an email about a week ago with a
> >discription of the problem but have not received a reply as of yet.  Any
> >ideas or helps from list members?  I'm more than willing to give them a
> >try.
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