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To update everyone. 
I had several request offline, and I thought everyone would like to know 
others request:  /also note: N Scale models would not be left out depending on HO sales.

    Christiansburg Station 
    Rural Retreat Station  ====================  one of these two station are very good possibilities, 
    Company houses, Yard buildings 
    Wood Coaling Towers
Though not a Laser cut structure a H9, H10, or a H11 hopper car   =============  Modeler Question is which
hopper could be used for the longest period of time and have the most variety of paint schemes?  Also 
cost is a factor, flat kit verses one injection mold.  That would give modelers a choice of a kit or a RTR
(assembled in China or Taiwan like the F&C kits).  Looking for a price range in the 20s-30s $ range.  We feel  $40+ for an unbuilt car less truck and couplers is a bit much than the market can bear.  

Stephen Rineair 
  Subject: Re: New N&W Item of interest

  To all:

  This is a question for those who model N&W structures.  What N&W structure is needed in HO, possibly
  in O scale that would follow a laser cut format that N&W modelers would like to see produce?  I am seriously
  looking for something of wide use.  It could also be a Virginian structure also.  Preferably one in the fifties of later.
    Stephen Rineair

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