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Wed Dec 15 00:01:55 EST 2004

Whew!  I thought I was asking a relatively simple question.  Let me rephrase it 
thus:  do we have the lettering diagrams and stenciling arrangements for the 
various classes of locomotives and tenders.  A quick search of the resource 
guide turns up a lettering diagram for Class W's but by the date I'm guessing 
it's not what I'm looking for.

I know there have been several decal sets for N&W steam and everybody always 
complains about something.  The ShellScale decals for J's are among the best 
I've seen.  I think that is in part because they aren't trying to be everything 
to everybody.  The MicroScale set is probably perfect for one class of tender, 
but I can't think of which one it is off the top of my head.  A new and I think 
more useful decal set would have the lettering spaced to fit different 
size/classes of tenders.  I'm guessing that one decal sheet would hold a pair or 
two of all of the lettering size/spacing variations making it a very marketable 

Unfortunately I don't think we have drawings of what we want.  Hopefully someone 
from the Archive can prove me wrong and make this project easier.

Okay next round of comments?

Rick C. Stone
Member #1

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