Powhatan Arrow

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Thank you for your response. It is amazing the variety of opinions. I have built one Branchline passenger car for the Pennsylvania and enjoyed it. I have 5 more, plus 4 more of Branchlines N&W coaches yet to be built. I had to make some underbody alterations to make the trucks fit, but other than that, no problems. The main reason I asked was I had (and have won) a 5 car set on Ebay for the Powhatan Arrow. This set is not in production any longer, and I was not even aware of it. I won the 5 car set for $91. Not a bad price. I was more interested in if anyone had built this specific set of cars. I have been looking at Walthers also, for another road, either PRR or B&O. 
Thanks again,
Tony Burgess
Tulsa, OK
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