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There is no correct answer. Perception of color is highly
subjective.This is a subject of ongoing debate, primarily because the
prototype paint on a model looks too dark under normal viewing
conditions. So using the DuPont formula that N&W used yields a paint
that looks too dark and too purple on a model. Lately I have been using
Scalecoat's "N&W Red" , mixing in a little ATSF Red to brighten it up.
The result is acceptable, although I have made mixes in the past which
satrisfied me more (starting from the actual DuPont formula [minus the
metalflake] and adding bright red until I liked it). Another possibility
is Scalecoat's "Canadian Pacific Tuscan Red," which is very similar to
the "N&W Red". I would brighten this one too. The GP9 Redbirds were
painted with a red that had more metalflake than used previously, so
they looked a little different, but not so much as to justify a separate
mix for your models.    Jim Nichols

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