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N&W Tuscan Red 


Tuscan Red - which one?

The argument over what colors actually match the N&W Tuscan red continue
to this day, as there are no exact matches. On actual cars, as can be
seen in color movies of mid-fifties passenger trains, there was a great
deal of variation car-to-car.  The issue is complicated by the fact that
there are actually two "reds" to deal with:

Old Red

"Old Red" was used until around 1958. This had a much higher red content
than the present red AND included a metallic particle suspended in the
paint. There were a number of manufacturers who supplied this paint to
the railroad including Dupont and Dolphin Paints of Toledo, OH. Probably
the closest matches are in automotive colors: Either Sherwin Williams or
Martin Seynour 1975 Chrysler Vintage Red. I believe the Martin Seynour
number is: 99P-2297.

In checking with a local model painter, he indicates that he used Model
Flex "Milwaukee Road Red" with a small amount of silver added to
simulate the metallic particles.

New Red

"New Red" tended to have a purple tint to it! When #611 was painted for
excursion service, New Red was used. The only automotive numbers I have
been able to come up with are Dupont numbers. Pre-1975, the number was
181-24899 , "Tuscan red". Post-1975, the number is 44106, "Dark Red
Metallic Enamel". I do not know how to match this with model colors.


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To get my layout started, I purchased off the shelf N&W passenger cars.
They differ greatly in paint colors and car type from the prototype. I
am now replacing with prototype quality. What is the correct model paint
for passenger cars in 1953? Also, for my display shelf, I would like to
do a red passenger GP9. Would it be a different color again? I would
appreciate the help.


John Cullen 


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