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As noted by Mr. Goodwin, the G83's and G87's were originally assigned
to haul coal to CP&L and Duke Power.  There were enough to make  five
trains, plus a sixth was filled out with Top Gons. The trains were not  in
an assigned cycle, but might load at Kopperston, dump at CP&L  Mayo,
return to the Wolf Creek Branch for loading and make a trip to Belews 
Creek.  In a study to develop utilization of these cars, it was noted  that
they made phenominal mileage -- about three times the average of cars
on the system.  A loaded G83 or G87 would pass the Wabun scanner
about once every 58 hours.   At the conclusion of the study, two  gons
had never made an appearance.  One had been shopped at Elmore.
The yardmaster advised he'd have it added to the next mty gon train  to
Kopperston.  Then there was NS 10003.  Extensive tracing  indicated that
it had gone to Andover several months before.  No other car  movement
was recorded.  Andover advised that yes they had received the  car,
they just didn't know where it was.  "Dolly Parton, where are you  ?"         
                                            Harry Bundy
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