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OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  Not again!  The LifeLike Y P2K thread must be the longest in the history of this list!!!
No really, I hope they do.  I couldn't afford one when they came out before, but I may be able to swing it now, and Dcc and sound would be great too.  I haven't heard anything official about a rerelease.
Ben Blevins

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Hi all,
I saw a recent announcement that Life-Like is again releasing HO scale 2-8-8-2's.  These are to be offered with DCC and sound.  Are these to be another runs of the Y-3's?  If so, will these be new road numbers?  Secondly, does Life-Like make their VGN version match the prototype or are they simply the N&W unit with Virginian lettering?  They did a good job on the BA's, so I'm hopeful.
Jim Slack
Wichita, KS

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