Airbrush Paint for Plastics

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The type of paint is a personal choice and really will depend on you.
It takes practice to get the feel of the paints and thinner
combinations.  As for an air brush, I would stay away from the lower
cost ones and purchase a mid-range priced one.  I prefer metal bodied
brushes with cleanable parts and interchangeable tips.  Stay away from
the plastic ones and those with the disposable tips.  Use an air
compressor with a good quality regulator and make sure you have good

Hope this helps.

Kurt S. Kramke MMR

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While I'm not new to modeling or painting, I am new to air brushing.
Could you as a veteran recommend a brand of paints and thinner for a
How about a brand of air brush? I'm thinking about starting with a
action brush. Comments?

Steam on,
Dave Willis.
Norfolk and Western, 1940->1950 

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