Hopper decal Availabilty

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Fri Jul 16 21:37:33 EDT 2004

>Thanks for the reply!! I will relay your comments to Micro-scale (MS). Do 
>you know who makes hoppers in HO that are appropriate for our use? 
>Undecorated would be best, due to the price. MS needs to know that info 
>before they can begin production. When I talked to MS the last time, I was 
>told that they intend to begin production in late summer to early fall.
>By the way, I need to know which class of hopper you intend to decal (H1, 
>H2, H3, H4, H5, HA, HB, HBa, HK, or the HL). Currently, I think that I 
>will use the HL class. It is slightly shorter than the 33' 2-bay hoppers 
>that Micro-Trains makes, but it is close enough for me (right now). Just 
>let me know.
>Steve Shetter
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>Subject: RE: Hopper decal Availabilty
>  I would be very interested in some HO hopper decals. Westerfield is the 
> only one I know of that does produce the right decals, at least for his 
> hoppers, but the sets are for one car at a time. Since I model hoppers 
> from that same era, more so in the pre-1940's, a set with multiple names 
> to do several hoppers would be great since I do some scratchbuilding as 
> well as convert other hoppers, thus I need many sets at a reasonable cost.
>Tony Burgess

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