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How much effort would be required to modify the inexpensive Tyco Chattanooga
Choo Choo locomotive into one of the N&W 2-8-0 units, either a G or a W? I
have tried to pull up pictures of these on a N&W photo archive hosted at VT
but many of the links do not work, including some for the 2-8-0 classes. I
have two of these locos left over from old train sets and would not mind
painting them and detailing them to fit N&W prototypes if possible.

Bob Welsh

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> I purchased my G-1 from Ed Painter a couple of years ago.  It is by Alco
> Models, but was actually manufactured by ROK-AM in Korea (They
> models for a number of different importers).  Mine is an excellent runner
> (not very powerful, but the speed is prototypically slow, and these
> would be mostly pulling short trains on branch lines anyway).  Tony is
> right, it is in a long blue box.  It seems to have been modeled from the
> engine on display in Bluefield, as the appliances match that engine (two
> "simple" air pumps on the left side).  In some of the G-1 photos you see,
> the engine has a single "simple" air pump on the left side.
> The G-1 is one of my favorite engines (My model railroad is to be based on
> the NRH&W).  If BLI can be persuaded to make a 2-8-0, the G-1 gets my vote
> (but I am wondering if they can fit the sound system in that little
tender -
> I think it is 3,000 gallon?)
> NWSL did a W-2 way back when. Modernized with Baker valve gear.  Don't
> if anyone else has done either of these 2-8-0's.
> John Simmons
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> Tony,
> Alco Models did the G-1.  It was one of the last locomotives that they
> did and it is hit and miss as to the running qualities.  Some of the
> frames were built off square and need to be rebuilt.
> Kurt S. Kramke MMR
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