Hopper decal Availabilty

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I can't meet you tomorrow unless I start out for Virginia yesterday. I live
in southern Indiana, but developed a passion for the N & W when Lifelike
built the Y-3's. I immediately bought two of them which I double-head... Boy
is that a beautiful sight!! Thus far I have been pulling a consist of
reefers (you know the same old stuff... food stuffs, beer, more beer, more
beer... sorry I got carried away there for a moment), and it looks great. I
can't wait until I get my 100+ car coal drag assembled and on the tracks.

Back to YOUR e-mail... I will be glad to relay that info to MS. By the
way... what are an H-50 and an H-55? My7 reference material stops with the
H4 (70 ton) numerically and the HK (57 1/2 ton) alphabetically. The era that
I am interested in is the 1920's to 1945, so your class may be newer that
that. I will need a copy ready photo to send to MS, if they are interested
in producing more than one set of decals.




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Since Microscale bought the artwork for the Herald King line, get them to 
produce the H-50 and H55 sets in HO and N scale as well. Are you here in 
Roanoke? If so, we talk about it tomorrow.

Russ Goodwin

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>I am in the process of assisting Micro-Scale in developing decals for coal
>hoppers in "N" Scale. My contact there is interested in producing a set of
>decals that he can make in either "N" or "HO", for the obvious reasons. The
>vintage that I'm interested in is from 1920's to 1950, modeling the earlier
>classes of hoppers. If the lettering for both eras is the same, I will
>advise them. I do need to know who produces undecorated (not necessarily
>undecorated) hoppers that are of the appropriate classes.
>Thanks for the assistance... perhaps, we can both get what we want.
>Steve Shetter
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>Subject: Hopper decal Availabilty
>Now that Champ is going out of business. Is there a source for 50-60's
>vintage N&W decal sets for hopper cars. Thanks.
>Vance M. Pomerening
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