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 Tom Black, I am working on a K1 and K2 right now.  Haven't found a sand dome for the K1 yet.  You wouldn't happen to have an extra for sale? John Rhodesjohntrhodes at On Sun 07/04, < nw-modeling-list at > wrote:From: [mailto: nw-modeling-list at]To: nw-modeling-list at nwhs.orgDate: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 10:14:38 -0700 (PDT)Subject: Re: NW-Modeling-List Digest, Vol 2, Issue 2
Lois, sounds like you are doing the same thing I did.  I have converted IHC 4-8-2s into both a K1 and a K2.  Provided you can find a Bachmann J shell and the appropriate tenders, the K2 is actually the easier conversion.  If you are really picky you do need to convert the crossheads to aligator crossheads, but you can use either spare 4-6-2 IHC parts (obtainable from IHC) or Bowser/CalScale parts (I have done both).  Use a Rivarossi Y6 tender for the K2 and a Berkshire tender for the K1 (to represent the ex C&O/ex NKP tender). You can check out my conversions at and at Tom Blacknw-modeling-list-request at wrote:

My first choice would be the streamlined K2 4-8-2. I would take a M or M2, as I have recently received information that 4-8-0's ran in Williamson in the 1950's (My era is about 1954-1956). I am on a budget, and my roster reflects cheaper steam choices: IHC 4-6-2 and 4-8-2(in gradual conversion into a K1) two Bachmann J's, a Rivarossi Y6b, a Model Power 2-8-0 and a BLI A 2-6-6-4. I would be also interested in a Y6/Y6a and a Z1b.
Lois J. Ponton
Steam Princess 
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