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I think that assuming the MDC locomotives are going to be discontinued is
jumping to conclusions.  Remember, it is not Horizon that will be calling
the shots, but the guys at Athearn, who have proven their fondness for other
companies' tooling with their upgrades and releases of former Rail Power and
Details West products.  Maybe production will move to China, or the engines
will only be offered ready to run, and of course there will likely be a
delay while they move, but Athearn already knows a thing or two about
squeezing money out of decades old tooling.  And even if Athearn would
choose not to continue production of the MDC locomotives, somebody else will
be more than willing to stand up and take a crack at it.  Old tooling never
dies, it just changes owners.
Marty Flick

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> It is due to the regulations in CA, it is why you see the warnings on
> some packages of parts you buy(at least I do in Utah).  They could make
> the parts in CA, but they are not setup to do so.  The problem is that
> to make money, they can not have two production facilities so the one in
> CO will be closing and so I believe the MDC line of locomotives will
> also be gone.  I hope not as I really like them.
> Kurt S. Kramke MMR
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