BLI J's and M's

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Mon Jun 21 19:07:08 EDT 2004

BLI tends to do items that are popular or highly visible, it is not 
impossible that they may make this class but not in the near future.

As far as the BLI H2 hoppers are concerned they are sold out!! There will be 
another run of these in the future. I am also working on doing the H2's with 
the hamburger logo.

As far as stuff coming out from BLI and other manufactuers, all I have to 
say is SAVE your money we will be made very happy over the next couple of 

Here something for y'all to chew on,,, I am looking for photos of H2's on 
lease to IC with IC paint.

Mike Ritschdorff

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>Subject: BLI J's and M's
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>While the upcoming release of the Broadway J is a good thing, I am
>disappointed they didn't decide to do an M.
>Clearly the J has a solid marketing potential as it will appeal to
>diesel and steam era modelers.  I think it may have a limited appeal
>relative to multiple purchases.  I will buy one steam era 611, but I
>would buy several M's, especially if they did M-1's and M-2's.  Although
>I have one of the recent PSC M-2's, I can only dream of more than one.
>Am I alone on this?
>Jim Slack
>Wichita, KS
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