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Hi Tony;

The N&W leased some E7 locomotives from the ACL and/or RF&P in 1958.  The retained the owners colors, but received N&W lettering.  The Wabash had one or more E7, that may have received N&W lettering over the Wabash, but not a full repaint, but according to "Diesel Locomotive Rosters" they were sold before the merger......

N&W did receive some F7 from Wabash...

Nigel F Misso

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   I have 2 questions. I have a Proto 2000 E7 loco and was wanting to paint it in the N&W lettering etc. First, did the N&W have an E7? And second, if not, i would still like to paint it, but was wondering what the paint schemes were. I know of a blue, but not the specific blue, i.e. which floquil colors to use. 
  Thanks for your help.
  Tony Burgess
  Tulsa, OK 


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