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You are not alone on this.  However, remember that the "first" N&W
locomotive that Broadway announced was the Class J; it was only after
several people contacted them to suggest something else (since Botchmann had
released what it called a N&W J) that they decided to do the Class A.

Obviously, BLI had already spent time, and more importantly money, on
developing a Class J.  It doesn't surprise me that they have announced this
model as their second N&W offering.  I would expect there to be more N&W
locomotives in the future.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood, MD
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> While the upcoming release of the Broadway J is a good thing, I am
> disappointed they didn't decide to do an M.
> Clearly the J has a solid marketing potential as it will appeal to
> diesel and steam era modelers.  I think it may have a limited appeal
> relative to multiple purchases.  I will buy one steam era 611, but I
> would buy several M's, especially if they did M-1's and M-2's.  Although
> I have one of the recent PSC M-2's, I can only dream of more than one.
> Am I alone on this?
> Jim Slack
> Wichita, KS
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