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This is one of those, "Even a blind hog. . .":

This was taken in Fort Wayne on the ex-WAB, looking west towards 
downtown. The photographer is standing on the Edsall Avenue overpass 
(google 41.071507, -85.099469), overlooking the Lumbard Street grade 
crossing. The track ahead is littered with grade crossings, so that is a 
holdout signal to protect the grade crossings from trains blocking them 
while stopping for the distant signal. In effect a repeater, it would 
repeat the stop indication of the distant signal and hold the 
approaching movement clear of the crossings.

The distant signal protects the crossing with the ex-PRR main line to 
Chicago and that would explain the lineage of the holdout signal. By 
this time, the distant signal has been changed out to an N&W four-arm 
CPL bracket signal. The holdout signal has suffered an update to a 
shadow of its former self, but it's still there.

Grant Carpenter

On 9/4/2022 11:36 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> On Ebay for a few more hours is the following:
> <>
> It appears to show a single-armed CPL with only the three horizontal 
> positions occupied.  I don't believe I've seen this configuration 
> before.  It would seem the signal could only indicate stop and 
> proceed, but there would be no need for the center position.
> Any thoughts/speculations as to the purpose of the signals or the 
> location would be greatly appreciated.
> Jim Cochran
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