Pocahontas Div Track Chart ?

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Looks like the printed copy is 14' x 15". What about the electronic
version? How much can you view at one time? I love looking at maps and
charts, and tend to prefer printed copies, but 14' is quite
Marty Flick

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 It’s already scanned just order it 
 Larry Evans 

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 On Aug 28, 2022, at 11:19 AM, NW Mailing List  wrote:

 There is at least one Pocahontas Division Track Chart listed in the
archives; I don't know if it has been/can be scanned.  

 Jim Brewer  
 On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 at 8:35 AM NW Mailing List  wrote:
   Norfolk & Western historical society.  The have many track plans,
some of which are available for purchase.  www. nwhs.org [3] They also
have some actual blueprints which you can get copies of also. 
 Jim Liddle 

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SUBJECT: Pocahontas Div Track Chart ?      I am looking around for a
scanned copy of a Pocahontas Division (+ branches) track chart. The
older the better, but one from the Hawss Ray-Road would be better than
 Any suggestion on where one might be had?  
  -- abram burnett  Our Black Hole Turnips Swallow Negative Energy    
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