The VGN R/W and the Lake Gaston Pipe Line

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One small correction, the Lake Gaston pumping station is located on Pea Hill Creek (not Pea Creek).  Note that it is contained entirely in Virginia.
Jerry Kay, Jarratt, Virginia (My house is about 1 1/2 mile south of the former Virginian and now Lake Gaston pipeline right-of-way.  And about 1000 feet east of the CSX, former Atlantic Coast Line, mainline. Yes, I can watch trains from almost anywhere in my house or on my property.)

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   While going over the satellite and street-view imagery for the abandoned portion of the VGN Nfk Div, I ran across the interesting article linked below.  It covers the Lake Gaston Pipe Line, which utilizes a good portion of the old VGN R/W.   
   The pipe line is 76 miles long and runs from the Roanoke River in Brunswick County, eastwardly to supply Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Va, with fresh water.  The article even contains a chronology of the pipeline, monthly pumping reports, &c.   
   Using the elevation tool in Google Earth, I checked the elevation at the Pea Creek area of Lake Gaston (location of the intake,) and that elevation is 200 feet +/-.  And one can easily guess the elevations at Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.  So gravity does a good part of the work in moving the water along but, still, I would not want to pay the electric bill for operating that pipe line !   
   Bring back the Virginian !  We can haul the water down in tank cars. 72 can pick it up at Jarratt.       -- abram burnett   Code Zero Turnips  ________________________________________
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