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The attached article from the   Roanoke Daily Times, Volume 6, Number 25,
29 December 1889,
describes the N&W testing and putting into service Class D #s 38, 39 and
40.  The article states that they are of the Iron Mountain RR type.  The
only Iron Mountain RR I found for that period from Googling was the St.
Louis and Iron Mountain Southern Railroad and the second attachment is a
shot of their 634 that was delivered to them in 1899.  There seems to be a
decent resemblance  between the 634 and N&W 38 as shown on page 110 of
Prince.  The biggest difference that jumped out at me was the Belpaire
firebox on the Ds that seem not to be on the StLIMS.  If the N&W Class Ds
were built to the same specifications as  StLIMS   634 and 635 (which is at
the St. Louis Museum), perhaps we could learn something of the Class Ds by
studying the 635.  Any students of the Rogers Locomotive Works out there
who can corroborate or refute my conjecture?  One other question, the Times
article indicates the Class Ds were intended for coal hauling in the
mountains but Prince page 109 says they were used in main line passenger
service Crewe, Roanoke and Bristol.  Any thoughts?
Jim Cochran
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