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On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 6:45 AM Charlie wrote:

> Mr. John Garner !
> Thank you for the photos! This branch has always fascinated me! Looking at
> an overall picture, I'm wondering if a C&O connection was ever thought of.

I dug into the L.E. Johnson correspondence files years ago when they were
in the Virginia Tech Library (and are now hostage in GOB East). There were
several letters from people in that area asking for a connection to the C&O
line from the north, but the N&W wasn't interested. Its line ended at the
wye at Paint Bank; the Va. Iron Coal & Coke Co. tracks continued beyond
that to reach several mines, so the means was there, but why would the N&W
want to offer an easy way to shortcut traffic off its line?

Bruce in Blacksburg
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