First Advertisements of the Virginia & Tennessee Rail Road ?

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> Were I not so taken-up with administering my Turnip Plantation and its
> associated fortune, I would scour every know source and piece together into
> one document every scrap of information on the V&T's early operating
> history.  But since I am presently engaged, this would be a good task for
> the Consulting firm of Blackstock Bundy Hamilton & Sandermann, Advisors,
> LLC.

While poking around in the newspaper archives served up by the Library of
Virginia ( -- a great time sink), I came
around a series of articles about travel through Southwest Virginia. In
June of 1855, the Daily Dispatch, a Richmond newspaper, carried a series of
stories about a trip to Southwest Virginia. Seventeen members of the
Richmond Board of Trade were invited by the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad
to travel along the rail line to both view the railroad and to see the
country that it passed through. The series of articles chronicles their
trip. See

Bruce in Blacksburg
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